Monday, June 9, 2008


What I was doing 10 years ago - I was 20 years old, me and Steve had been married 2 years. We were living in a little old house on 1600 N. in Orem, that my grandpa was born and raised in (wish I had it back). I was working in a little salon I owned called The Cut'n Post in Lindon (wish I had it back). I was pregnant with Oakley, and had know idea what I was in for! he he! Don't you wonder sometimes why were in such a hurry to move on to bigger and better things, and when you look back you just wish you had enjoyed it all a little longer!

5 years ago - Landscaping our new home in Lindon (it took a couple years). Indy was 3 months old. I was now working in my salon out of the basement. For those of you that don't know me that well, I have a horrible memory, so that's about all I can remember.

1 year - sicker then a dawg (what does that mean anyway?) I was just barely pregnant with Shylo, and starting out one of the worst summers ever! We hardly did anything, I was just in survival mode (good thing she was worth it!)

Yesterday - What a great day! I feel like I just can't get my feel of the sun. We played outside all day!

5 favorite snacks - diet coke, diet coke, diet coke, fiber 1 bars, and diet coke!

5 favorite books - I don't read all that much, because I get really obsessed and can't put it down, but I love the Twilight series and can't wait for the next one!

5 places to runaway - Mexico, anywhere on the boat, anywhere in the trailer, my bedroom, my car.

5 bad habits - I am going with Tai on swearing, just sh*t, d*mn, and h*ll and my mom always said those didn't count, pulling out my eyelashes (I know weird!), diet coke runs, yelling, not answering my phone, and telling things WAY to personal!

5 things I would never wear - I am going with Cori on skinny jeans, and super flat shoes, I love them on other people, but my legs would look as wide as they are long! I am having a hard time with this one!

5 pet peeves - offensive drivers, when my house or yard are not clean, unloading grocery's, never ending laundry!

5 things I enjoy - vacations, watching my girls dance (or do anything), doing hair, cooking, talking.

5 favorite T.V. shows - anything on the food network, Bachelorette, plastic surgery shows, so you think you can dance, and hell's kitchen.

5 famous people I would like to meet - I am just so not that way, I don't think I would even know what to say to somebody famous.

5 people I want to tag - Hayley, Kathy, Shannon, Suzy, Molly Z.

Thanks Tai!


Cori Simmons said...

I love that you would run away to your "car". Don't I know that is soooo true! and the bad habit of not answering your *$@& phone. HA, HA!

Tai Christensen said...

I am so glad to see that I am not the only one with a swearing problem!!! At least now I can tell my husband I know other "ladies" who swear!!!

Hayley Holliman said...

Thanks a lot. Only Kidding - I really do like to read these. And I could probaly tell you what you were doing 3 years ago better then you can remeber. Ha Ha!

smarts said...

Hey Ellery I am with Hayley you can remember what you were dong five years ago, or did Steve Help J/K. Fun to read, and we all have that SWEARING problem.

Scott & Beth said...

So cute!!! That is fun getting to know you better. Scott and I almost bought that house on 1600 a couple of years ago!!!

Tiff said...

So my whole life I always heard Hayley say that Sh**, da** and He** aren't swear words and I abide by it! I am glad to see you like diet coke as much as me!

Shannon said...

funny how ten years ago is NOT High school! How do you Like "hells kitchen!
I love that you are updating your blog!!!!

Ellery said...

hey its Ellery...(not you) ha ha.
i will send an invite to that email and then you will click on the link and it will take you to my blog where you will enter the email address you gave me and your email password. make sense? or maybe i am explaining and you already know how, so sorry for rambling if you do! anyway hope you guys are doing well, havent seen you forever.

C&HJacobson said...

I loved reading your comments. It was fun getting to talk to you today. Plan on coming swimming on Monday.

Molly Zamboni said...

Your house always looks amazing! I promise I will post my tag soon!

SuzyO said...

Tagged! How funny! I post my answers now! Thanks Ellery!

Cori Simmons said...

OKAY - you posted this on June 9. It is JUNE 22. It is time to post again - you really need to do it more often (I posted 5 times this week). I know you're up to stuff and should be taking pics. JEEEEZZZZ!