Monday, June 23, 2008


We decided that the weather was finally warm enough to break the trailer out. We got an invite from Calvin and Mckenzie Smart to go camp up by Strawberry Lake. To tell you the truth I kind of had to force myself to get everything ready, it is just so much work. Once we were there I remembered how much fun we have and just how relaxing camping is, and my kids love every minute of it.

Waiting to see if their squirrell bait would succeed!

Intense game of corn toss!

Of course SMORES!

Indy's nice catch!

Oakley's MONSTER!


Cori Simmons said...

NICE! I'm so jealous Oakley - I didn't catch crap!
From Bo

Cori Simmons said...

so.....did the squirell take the bait? Looks like fun, that's a great place to camp.

Jenicee said...

Ell, they call her a "suite mate" because you don't actually share a room (not a "roommate"), you share a bathroom only. So, it is more like sharing a "suite." Maybe next year we should meet back here with Oakley...she is old enough. Maybe after the NY trip?